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Rejuvenating Body Cream

A soothing body lotion made to help with firming and protecting from environmental damage while providing deep hydration.

Using Peptide G and phytonutrient-rich Seaweed & Algae, this soothing and protective body lotion was created to moisturize the skin on a deep level while helping to protect your skin’s natural barrier. Enjoy the benefits of improved environmental damage protection, hydration, soothing, firming, and improved skin texture with our unique antioxidant lotion.


Ageless Repair Regimen

The Genesis Ageless Repair Regimen is a peptide-driven 5-step corrective skincare system that nourishes, balances, and protects skin while fully utilizing the groundbreaking skincare benefits of Peptide G. 

Our patented skin peptide is based on a protein found in coral, marine, and all terrestrial lifeforms. It features groundbreaking Gamma MSH, a patented class of peptides. Backed by over 20 years of scientific research from the University of Arizona, Peptide G offers super-charged skincare benefits.